​How to decorate a wall with flowers

Февраль 8, 2022
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Any wall will get an attractive look if you decorate it with charming flowers made of colored paper. To make a flower, you need to cut a petal in the form of an elongated heart from a sheet of double-sided colored paper A4 format, bend it in half lengthwise. Similarly, prepare another 7 petal blanks. Fold them in the form of a flower and fix, gluing the folded halves on a paper base. Using this manufacturing principle, you can make a lot of blanks of different sizes.

Attention: Paper Flower Templates will look especially effective if you use sheets of different shades and glue them to the base according to the gradient principle.

Using newspapers or notes it is easy to make a huge flower to decorate the wall. To do this, you need to make blanks of petals by rolling up individual sheets in the form of paper curls, and then, overlapping each other, glue them to a round base with a glue gun.

To create paper peonies, in addition to Tishyu paper, you can use corrugated and crepe sheets of suitable shades. To make large flowers from paper you will need 5 sheets of crepe paper size 50x80 cm and another as much, but the size is smaller.

Wall paper flowers

Fold the sheets in a pile and bend them all together in an accordion at 4-5 cm intervals.

Folded into an accordion workpiece tied in the center of a rope so that one end remained long. With his help you can prepare a flower attached to the wall, a banner, curtain or just hang from the ceiling.

Give the ends of the blank rounded shape by cutting the excess with scissors.

Spread the accordion and divide the paper layers, giving volume to the flower. Staple the edges of the petals together.

To make the middle flower, you need to do the same, but take a smaller sheet. The finished bloom piece small flower is placed in the middle of a large, staple the edges of the petals.

Paper Craft Templates buds are made of Kraft sheets. The density and flexibility of this material allows you to give the petals a curved shape. To create floral blanks, individual petals are cut out of Kraft paper, which are connected in a spiral with a glue gun. Then, using special tools, give volume and a curved shape to the petals.

Choosing appropriate materials and using the above techniques, any Giant Paper Flower Templates can be made yourself, having previously practiced on simpler models.

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