“NasoLoda”: Where Every Day Becomes Sweeter!

Июнь 3, 2024

“NasoLoda”: Where Every Day Becomes Sweeter! 665ced95d1e4d.webp

TM “NasoLoda” is more than just a confectionery manufacturer; it’s an entire galaxy of sweet dreams where everyone can find their favorite treat. From delicate pastries to aromatic bakery products, our assortment is designed to fill your life with sweetness and joy. We believe that every day deserves a little indulgence, and our products will help you make it brighter and tastier.

Sweet Delights Awaiting You:

1) Cakes: Masterpieces of Confectionery Art

Cakes are not just a dessert; they are a symbol of celebration, joy, and indulgence. In the assortment of TM “NasoLoda,” you will find cakes for every taste and occasion:

  • Classic: “Medovik,” “Napoleon,” “Kyivsky,” “Prague” – these cakes are familiar from childhood and are always favorites. They embody traditional taste and sophistication, capable of transporting you through time and giving you warm memories. Imagine your table adorned with “Medovik” with its crispy crust and delicate honey cream, or how the aroma of “Napoleon” fills the room, evoking memories of family celebrations.
  • Fruit: “Blueberry,” “Cherry,” “Strawberry” – juicy fruit filling and delicate cream will make your day even brighter. Fruit cakes are an explosion of freshness and a harmony of flavors that will enchant you with their natural aromas. Imagine how delicately melts “Strawberry Cake” with juicy strawberries and fresh cream, or how “Blueberry Cake” fills the room with the aroma of fresh blueberries.
  • Chocolate: “Black Forest,” “Snickers,” “Rafaello” – for chocolate lovers in all its manifestations. Rich chocolate flavors, delicate cream, and crispy crust – these are cakes for true gourmets. Imagine “Rafaello” with delicate coconut filling and crispy icing, or “Black Forest” with cherries and delicate chocolate cream.
  • Original: “Tiramisu,” “Pancho,” “Carrot” – unusual flavors and compositions for those looking for new sensations. These cakes are a combination of unpredictable flavors and exquisite ingredients that will surprise you with their originality. Try “Tiramisu” with delicate cream and the aroma of coffee, or “Carrot Cake” with an unusual flavor and crispy icing.

2) Pies: Delicious and Varied, for Every Taste

Pies are a versatile dessert, perfect for both family tea time and a festive table. In the assortment of TM “NasoLoda,” you will find both sweet and savory pies:

  • Sweet: with fruit filling (apples, cherries, blueberries, strawberries), with cheese, with nuts – for every taste. Sweet pies are a tenderness and aroma that will fill your day with positive emotions. Imagine “Apple Pie” with a crispy crust and a delicate apple filling, or “Cheese Pie” with a delicate cheese filling.
  • Savory: with meat, fish, vegetables – a great option for a snack or an addition to hot drinks. Savory pies are a combination of flavor and richness that will add piquancy to your table. Try “Chicken and Mushroom Pie,” “Salmon and Spinach Pie” or “Vegetable Pie” with various vegetables.

3) Pastries: Delicate and Delicious, for Any Mood

Pastries are small but incredibly tasty products that will make your day even sweeter. In TM “NasoLoda,” you will find a variety of pastries:

  • With cream: “Napoleonchiki,” “Éclairs,” “Tartlets” – delicate cream and a crispy crust will make your snack unforgettable. Cream will add lightness and tenderness, while a crispy crust – a pleasant contrast of flavors. Imagine “Éclairs” with vanilla cream and a crispy crust, or “Napoleonchiki” with delicate custard cream.
  • With icing: “Truffles,” “Black Balls,” “Cupcakes” – crispy icing and delicate filling – a real sweet pleasure. Icing will add a sweet aroma and shine, while a delicate filling - luxury and tasty pleasure. Try “Truffles” with delicate chocolate filling and crispy icing, or “Cupcakes” with different flavors and cream.
  • Fruit: “Cherry Pastries,” “Strawberry Pastries” – fresh fruit and delicate cream – it’s delicious and healthy. Fruit pastries are freshness and natural flavor that will give you a good mood. Try “Cherry Pastries” with delicate cherry filling and fresh cream, or “Strawberry Pastries” with juicy strawberries and delicate cream.

4) Zephyr: Air and Tender, with Different Flavors

Zephyr is a sweet dessert that is always associated with childhood and pleasant memories. Zephyr TM “NasoLoda” is a delicate and airy dessert with different flavors:

  • Classic: white zephyr with a light vanilla aroma. Classic zephyr is an eternal favorite that brings peace and joy.
  • Fruit: zephyr with blueberries, cherries, strawberries, oranges – a real explosion of flavor! Fruit zephyr is a combination of tenderness and bright fruit flavor. Try “Blueberry Zephyr” with a delicate blueberry flavor, or “Orange Zephyr” with a fresh orange aroma.
  • Chocolate: zephyr with chocolate icing – for chocolate lovers. Chocolate zephyr is a harmony of delicate zephyr and rich chocolate flavor.

5) Cookies: Crispy and Aromatic, for Any Mood

Cookies are a versatile dessert, suitable for both tea time and a snack. In the assortment of TM “NasoLoda,” you will find a variety of cookies:

  • Classic: “Yubileiny,” “Nut,” “Dried Plum” – always relevant and tasty. Classic cookies are a traditional flavor that is always relevant.
  • Fruit: with blueberries, strawberries, cherries – fresh and aromatic flavor. Fruit cookies are a combination of crispy crust and delicate fruit flavor. Try “Blueberry Cookies” with a delicate blueberry flavor, or “Strawberry Cookies” with juicy strawberries.
  • Chocolate: with chocolate chips, with chocolate icing – for chocolate lovers. Chocolate cookies are a harmony of crispy crust and delicate chocolate flavor.

6) Bakery Products: Fresh and Aromatic, for Every Taste

Bakery products are not only tasty but also healthy. In the assortment of TM “NasoLoda,” you will find a variety of bakery products:

  • Bread: white, black, whole-grain – fresh and aromatic. Bread is the basis of any table, adding аппетитности to any dish.
  • Buns: with poppy seeds, with sugar, with raisins – sweet and delicate. Buns are a great option for breakfast or a snack. Try “Poppy Seed Buns” with delicate poppy seed filling, or “Sugar Buns” with a crispy crust and sweet filling.
  • Pastries: pies, pampushki, plyushki – for a delicious breakfast or lunch. Pastries are a variety of flavors and shapes that will make your table even more appetizing.

Where Can You Taste “NasoLoda”?

We understand that everyone needs different things. Therefore, TM “NasoLoda” offers its products both at retail and wholesale.

  • Retail: Visit our stores or take advantage of home delivery. We are working to make our treats available in every corner of the country.
  • Wholesale: If you are the owner of a cafe, restaurant or store, you can place wholesale orders for our products at favorable prices. We are always happy to cooperate with businesses and are ready to provide you with high-quality and tasty products.

What Makes “NasoLoda” Special?

  • Quality: we use only fresh ingredients and traditional recipes.
  • Taste: our bakers are true masters of their craft, who put a piece of their soul into every product.
  • Availability: we strive to make our treats available to everyone.
  • Service: we are always happy to help you with the choice and provide convenient and fast service.

With TM “NasoLoda” every day will become sweet and happy!

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